Kevin & Nate Adopt

Welcome to our site – please take a few minutes to get to know us as we pursue our journey to become parents. Whether you’re here because you find yourself making a difficult decision, or just simply want to learn more about us – we appreciate your time and consideration on this complicated path. Thank you for spending some time with us!


Dads in the Making

Kevin & Nate met in 2013 through mutual friends in Orlando, FL at a BBQ. After taking the time to get to know each other and become friends, we began dating a few months later and knew we had discovered something special in each other.

After 6 years of dating, we made it official – surrounded by our loving family and close friends in Florida. Kevin even took the opportunity at the reception to express his musical talent by surprising Nate with the song he sang on their first date.

A job opportunity brought us to Seattle – and while it was incredibly hard to move away from close family, we are very lucky that we are still able to see them quite often.

We’ve now been married 2.5 years and in Seattle for 3, and are lucky enough to have a spacious home near the University of Washington and Lake Union with our beautiful and (mostly) well-behaved dogs, Sydney and Aspen. They love people – especially the “tiny humans” belonging to our friends and family that frequently stop by.

Over the 8 years we’ve been together, our relationship has grown even stronger through endured challenges, new experiences, and a shared respect for each other. We hope this page gives you a better idea of the love we share and the family we aim to expand.

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About Us


At a young age, Kevin and his family moved from New York to Florida, where his parents committed to careers in nursing. The strong example showcased by Kevin’s parents influenced him to pursue a career in the medical field as well.

After working for the trauma unit as a nurse for a few years, he decided to enroll in graduate school to specialize in anesthesia – an incredibly challenging program.

After graduation, opportunity led Kevin to search outside of Florida for his and Nate’s next home. He is happily employed as a nurse anesthetist, providing anesthesia at a large academic medical facility, serving the Pacific Northwest region.

Kevin comes from a Filipino background and loves keeping family traditions alive, especially through cooking his mother’s recipes (some of his favorites are Lumpia and Pancit).

In his free time, Kevin enjoys home improvement, trying new local restaurants, reading, hiking, spending time with the pups, and traveling. He also keeps up with music through his guitar, piano, and occasional karaoke night.


Born in Central California, Nate moved with his family to Florida at a young age. After studying Psychology and receiving his Masters in Creative Writing, he decided to get a change of pace and work in the airline industry.

Always having a strong connection to family, he was overjoyed to become an uncle to nephew Saxman and nieces Mary and Eliza Kate, who helped spark his desire to have kids of his own.

A few years later, he met Kevin and chose to pursue a career in marketing. He is now happily employed as a marketing manager for a popular outdoor brand based in Seattle. Nate loves being active, reading, traveling, trying new recipes in the kitchen, and spending time with doggos Sydney and Aspen (and of course Kevin).



We would not have gotten anywhere without the love, support, and strength of our family and close friends. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky that we each have close-knit relationships with our parents and siblings, and that they too love each other and provide perfect examples of being a parent.

Both sets of our parents have been married for over 40+ years and are still going strong. Each of our siblings are married and have blessed us with a grand total of 6 beautiful nieces and nephews who make us proud uncles every day. Though we don’t live as close to them as we’d like, we are grateful that we still manage to see each other quite frequently in Seattle, Florida, or somewhere in between.

The examples our parents and siblings set have truly given us a great understanding of what family could be, and has set us up with a great toolkit for becoming parents ourselves. We hope to soon pass this knowledge and love on to our own children, and can speak to the joy our extended family will bring to any new additions.


We have always been animal lovers, and were eager to get a dog of our own when we moved in together. Mere days after that happened, we met Sydney the Australian Shepherd. Smart, energetic, playful, and loving, Sydney immediately found a special place in our heart. 

Now 7 years old, she’s proven to be a very loyal member of the family who loves butt scratches, being around people, and of course chasing the tennis ball. She is our baby girl and our relationship has grown through a shared love for her.  

Aspen came along 6 years later – and as soon as we got a little more space after buying a house, we knew we needed to expand our ”wolf pack.” A playful Golden Retriever, Aspen is a big cuddler who follows her dads around almost as closely as she does her big sister. She loves playing with people and dogs, and wags her tail especially hard around young kids. She has been a wonderful, silly addition to our family.

Our Home

We purchased a house in March of 2021 in a neighborhood considered a part of North Seattle. This area appealed to us through it’s family-friendly makeup of well-rated schools, local parks, walkability, and restaurants. Luckily, we have a big yard for the dogs and future kids for play time.

We are fortunate to be near many parks that are perfect for picnics, sightseeing, and child play areas. We also happen to be across the street from an international school that teaches 6 different languages and has been rated highly by locals.

Adoption Aspirations

It is a dream of ours to expand our loving family with a child. Knowing that it is an incredibly difficult decision to find the right fit for your child, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to learn more about us. We promise to raise your child in a house filled with love, integrity, happiness, and all the opportunity we can afford them; we pledge the utmost consideration and respect towards their background and will strive to instill them with confidence and their own unique individuality.

With that being said, we would love to hear from you and help answer any questions you may have – or even simply just have a casual conversation. Please don’t hesitate to reach out through the link below.